Your Data On Your Server

Your Data On Your Server

Where should your data be saved?

On-premise on your servers

On-premise on your servers

Run our cavok digital asset management solution directly on your own servers in your company. This means you can protect yourself in line with your IT department requirements.

SaaS as a private cloud

SaaS as a ‘private cloud’

Let us or one of our integrators host cavok in the high-security German data centre DARZ as your own ‘private cloud’.

individual solution

Individual solution

We leave you the choice where you want to store your data. Contact us and let us advise you on the individual possibilities.

Comprehensive consultancy during implementation

Distribution over several servers

Distribution over several servers

cavok has service-based architecture so individual services can be distributed over several servers. This can even be done across a number of locations. We support you in shaping this spread in way that makes sense for your company - from a financial perspective too.

Optimise performance

If you want us to, we can provide our expertise when finding a good compromise between hardware and network performance and the associated costs.

Optimise performance
The right settings

The right settings

We advise you on the right settings so that the firewall and backup work the best they possibly can.

Protected against viruses

Virus protection is a priority for cavok. If you wish, each file can be virus checked after it is uploaded and before it is transferred to the normal file system. Talk to us!

Protected against viruses

Your data is secure in DARZ

The high-security data centre DARZ is one of Germany’s most secure data centres. A number of certifications are evidence of the high security standards. If you want to use cavok as an SaaS, we give you the option of hosting your data as your own ‘private cloud’ here.

More about DARZ

Additional solutions

Server monitoring

Available as a plug-in for Nagios Core (the standard for monitoring complex IT infrastructures) or as a clever StandAlone solution the cavok WATCHDOG can monitor much more than just your hardware. As well as the usual information regarding the server status (disk capacity, processor and memory usage, temperature, etc.), all cavok services are also recorded by the cavok WATCHDOG.

cavok WATCHDOG allows a direct insight into the status of all system components and serves as an outstanding early warning system for future problems. If there are any errors, preconfigured contact persons will be notified by e-mail.

Backup with Archiware P5 Archive

We have jointly developed a particularly elegant option for securing and archiving your data and playing it back, if necessary, using Archiware.

cavok can automatically move completed projects and data that hasn’t been used for a long time to disk, tape or cloud archiving. The highlight: metadata and file previews stay in cavok; only the high-resolution originals are transferred. So archived files can be viewed and found in cavok, but are given clear, graphic labelling in the user interface:

Archived data can be retrieved from the archive with a click of a button via the action menu in the digital asset management system, and is then available again straight away.


More than 70% of our clients’ servers are virtualised, i.e. run on platforms like VMWare. This means you have less physical systems and are able to save on costs and energy. All cavok components can be virtualised.

Connection to Synology NAS

In addition to Mac, Windows, Linux and Helios file servers, anyone using Synology NAS systems as file servers can connect cavok without much extra effort. Especially small and medium sized companies can thus easily set up a secure on-premise DAM solution, with full control remaining within their own company.