Versioning automatically records the changes made to a file. This means that each time a file is changed, a "newer" version of the document is stored and labelled with the time and date. This way, every change is logged and traceable for all users.

Automatic filing of intermediate statuses

Cavok creates revision files automatically. This means that “retrieval actions” from a backup are a thing of the past. The base file always remains as the so-called source file and never gets deleted. With each change, the respective revision files are stored and chronologically assigned.

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In order for Cavok to create these revision files, only four parameters have to be defined in the backend.

  1. Should revisions be created?
  2. From which directories should these revision files be created?
  3. Which file formats are to be taken into account in this automatic process?
  4. How many revision files of the respective file formats should be created?
Automatic filing of intermediate statuses