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Cavok WATCHDOG - The ideal early warning system for your DAM solution

cavok WATCHDOG to monitor all cavok DAM services

IT problems always occur suddenly, but in many cases they are announced well in advance. Whether hardware or software, failures cannot always be avoided. But the earlier irregularities or potential security threats are detected, the easier and more targeted the response can be.

Early detection with the cavok WATCHDOG

Monitoring the DAM system cavok with the cavok WATCHDOG offers many advantages. In addition to the usual information about the server status (e.g. disk capacity, processor and memory utilization), all cavok services are recorded clearly and comprehensively. cavok WATCHDOG allows direct insight into the status of all system components - and thus functions as an excellent early warning system.

Timely notifications

Possible problems are detected in time and alerts are sent immediately to the intended e-mail address. cavok WATCHDOG reliably warns with precise information on all components of the servers on which cavok is installed.

You want to monitor your cavok with the cavok WATCHDOG? Until 30 November 2019, you can get cavok WATCHDOG as a plug-in for Nagios Core or as a StandAlone solution at a reduced introductory price.

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