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5 tips for your metadata structure

5 tips for your metadata structure

Digital asset management is all about metadata. Without a well-maintained and useful metadata structure, it is difficult to move away from the classic folder structure. Clever search and filter functions in a DAM system can make it easier to find files. However, this requires a sensible metadata structure and/or keywording of all digital assets. Th...

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The best graphic formats for websites

The best graphic formats for web

Without images, graphics and animation, the World Wide Web would be quite boring. Appealing visual effects are important to make a website really interesting. Photos, animations and graphics loosen up the displayed text and encourage users to engage with it. There are many different digital image formats. But which formats are particularly suitable...

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JPG, PNG, GIF & Co - What image file formats exist and what are they used for?

JPG, PNG, GIF & Co - What image file formats exist and what are they used for?

In the world of digital images, a whole range of different image file types exist. But which image file type is suitable for which purpose? What are the advantages and disadvantages of well-known graphic files such as JPG, PNG or SVG? What is the difference between raster and vector graphics? In this article we answer the questions and give an overview of the most important formats of images.

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What is metadata?

What is metadata and why is it important?

Metadata is the core of every digital asset management system. But what exactly is metadata? What kind of metadata exists? And why is metadata important? We will answer these questions in this article.

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09 October 2018
A corporate group with worldwide marketing needs a central database for its images and media assets. This is no differen...
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25 May 2020
Updated to version 4.3 of the cavok DAM system, you can now use Synology NAS systems as file servers. Advantages of Netw...
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20 April 2021
Due to ongoing digitalisation, the amount of digital data in companies is constantly growing. A digital asset management...
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