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Cavok in E-commerce: Perfect resource management for bicycle component provider


At Paul Lange & Co. OHG in Stuttgart/Germany, everything revolves around cycling – the company has been distributing everything a cyclist desires for well over 50 years, from bicycle components to accessories, clothing, and bicycle electronics. With its nearly 900 employees across Europe, Paul Lange is considered one of the leading companies in...

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Professional media management now available on QNAP NAS servers


  With version 4.7 of the Cavok Digital Asset Management System, you can now use QNAP NAS systems as file servers. The advantages of Network Attached Storage QNAP, alongside other leading providers such asSynology, is among the forefront of NAS (Network Attached Storage) device manufacturers. NAS provides storage space that is not tied to...

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How the processing of RAW formats works with Digital Asset Management


Companies, organisations and agencies need a large number of digital images for their external presentation on websites, in online shops, in social media or in flyers and presentations. In order to perfectly manage these data volumes, many companies rely on digital asset management systems (DAM systems). Especially when it comes to larger photo sho...

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How Cavok Digital Asset Management optimises working with WordPress

How Cavok Digital Asset Management optimises working with WordPress

As a website creator using WordPress you want to integrate images, videos or other assets directly without searching and manual uploading? No problem at all with our digital asset management system Cavok meeting WordPress. Cavok digital asset management helps you managing your company assets in one place. You can easily integrate your assets into W...

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What is the difference between dpi and ppi?

Difference between dpi/ppi - pixelated pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words - but only if you actually recognise something. If a picture is "pixelated", it could be difficult. To make sure that everything looks the way you want it to, we explain what pixels are about and how mistakes can be avoided when printing pictures or sending digital images. Dpi stands for "dots per inch" and is a ...

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