Security & Rights

Security & Rights

Under control

Lots of the things managed in the DAM system are not initially intended for the public or are only intended for the public to see at a later date. Accordingly, the topic of security and rights management plays a big role at cavok.

Modern system architecture

cavok is used by security and defence companies for good reason, because the modern system architecture provides a level of protection that’s generally not possible with traditional DAM systems. This is used in regular security audits and penetration tests carried out by specialist IT companies on behalf of clients.

We pay attention to the details

If you enter or search for keywords, cavok suggests terms that are already used in other files, which is similar to well-known online search engines. Such a small detail can be a security problem if an external partner or trainee accidentally finds out the secret brand name for your latest product.

In cavok, users are always only suggested terms used in files they are authorised to see.

Separate login

Separate login

cavok’s web admin (from version 4.2) is run through a separate login on a separate site which is also protected. So, for example, access to less internal IP numbers can be restricted.

Managing metadata

It’s not just access to files that can be controlled. Metadata fields and the content of those fields are not simply shown to any user in cavok or randomly written to files, which is still the case with many traditional DAM systems.

We have resolved these vulnerabilities with cavok: people who can see and edit fields can be determined on a very individual and strict basis. You also determine whether and how metadata is shared within files in such detail.

Managing metadata

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