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Together through the Corona crisis

Cavok DAM Corona Discount

It is a twofold challenge facing companies these days: the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic are not yet foreseeable and most employees work from home wherever possible. For this to succeed, previously common work processes and the handling of digital files must be rethought. A digital asset management system such as cavok can help here....

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What does a DAM system cost?

What does a DAM system cost?

Of course, costs also play a decisive role in the selection of the right Digital Asset Management System. With our new license calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the costs of the on-premise solution of our DAM system cavok for your company yourself. Register with your e-mail address and select, for example, the number of identical use...

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Cavok WATCHDOG - The ideal early warning system for your DAM solution

cavok WATCHDOG to monitor all cavok DAM services

IT problems always occur suddenly, but in many cases they are announced well in advance. Whether hardware or software, failures cannot always be avoided. But the earlier irregularities or potential security threats are detected, the easier and more targeted the response can be. Early detection with the cavok WATCHDOG Monitoring the DAM system cavok...

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New look for our website

Cavok DAM website relaunch

We have given our online presence a relaunch and not only refined the design, but also revised the content and structure. The website presents itself now in a modern, dynamic design and provides a lot of information about our Digital Asset Management System cavok. "A relaunch was overdue", says PEAK-14 managing director Gunter Leonhardt and adds: "...

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The Future of Image Intelligence

the future of image intelligence with pixolution

Cavok now with the leading image analysis technology PEAK-14 uses the pixolution technology within the cavok DAM system to provide users with a very helpful duplicate and image similarity search. In marketing and advertising, versions and variants of files are often created in the course of work processes. Extensive image data stocks become managea...

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