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Professional File Management on Synology NAS Servers

Cavok DAM on Synology NAS servers

Updated to version 4.3 of the cavok DAM system, you can now use Synology NAS systems as file servers.

Advantages of Network Attached Storage

Synology is one of the market leaders of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. NAS provides file storage space that is not tied to a specific PC or client, but is accessible via the network. NAS systems are especially distinguished by the fact that they are easy to set up and manage. Especially small and medium-sized companies can set up file storage capacity for their digital files without much effort, while retaining full control over all documents. By connecting to the company's own network, all employees can access the documents and folder directories stored there. A NAS also has the advantage of relatively low energy consumption and offers greater data security compared to external cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

File chaos is a problem

Although NAS offer many benefits, there are often some difficulties, especially when multiple users access the NAS. If different order systems for folders and documents are used because each employee has his own process, digital file chaos will be inevitable. The more files are stored, the more likely it is that a file or document folder you are looking for will not be found or it will take a long process to find the right folder and file successfully. Especially with creative media files such as pictures, videos or layout and print files, which not only require a lot of file storage space but often exist in different versions, it is easy to lose track through all these files.

Digital Asset Management provides order

A Digital Asset Management like cavok helps you to easily manage your digital media files. You not only create an image management or filing database for your images, but also a professional media management for all digital media files. In the DAM system, a file can be enriched with metadata and users can use this additional information and intelligent search functions to break away from the classic hierarchical structure of folders and find files much faster. In addition, cavok can be used to set up a rights management system that determines which employees have access to which folders and files. With the update to version 4.3 of the cavok DAM system, Synology NAS systems are now also supported as file servers. If you are already using a Synology NAS system, you can easily set up cavok here without having to change existing structures. For those who did not previously rely on a NAS system, this cooperation offers a cost-effective and secure alternative for the introduction of a professional DAM system compared to running it on a large in-house server or on a cloud provider who may not comply with all European data protection standards. Synology NAS systems also offer the advantage of scalability and the ability to grow with your business.

We would be pleased to show you how you can use cavok DAM to organize professional file management in your media files and bring order to the digital document chaos.

Clear file chaos now!

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