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4 good reasons for a Digital Asset Management on-premise

Digital Asset Management on premise

Cloud vs. on-premise - When choosing the right digital asset management system, you are inevitably faced with the question where to store the important company data. Do you choose an on-premise solution and store everything on your own servers or do you prefer a cloud provider who, for example, takes care of server maintenance? In this article we w...

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5 Digital Asset Management Trends 2021

Digital Asset Management Trends 2021

The past year and the ongoing Corona pandemic have forced many companies and industries to rethink. In almost all sectors, digitalisation has become the central topic in the past year: More people are working from home and marketing is even more digital-oriented than before. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems can meet both, the changed daily wo...

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Is a free digital asset management open source solution sufficient for my company?

Digital Asset Management Open Source

With digital asset management (DAM) software, companies can store and manage all their digital content such as images, videos, audio and text files. Especially in the field of marketing, new content and appealing visual images are needed all the time, so more and more media files are needed. A DAM solution stores this content (digital assets) centr...

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How to choose the best DAM system and what you need to consider

How to find the best DAM system

Due to ongoing digitalisation, the amount of digital data in companies is constantly growing. A digital asset management (DAM) system helps companies to store this mass of files centrally, to organise these assets easily and to grant all relevant employees controlled access to the files. However, the market offers a wide range of DAM software. Many...

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