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5 Digital Asset Management Trends 2021

Digital Asset Management Trends 2021

The past year and the ongoing Corona pandemic have forced many companies and industries to rethink. In almost all sectors, digitalisation has become the central topic in the past year: More people are working from home and marketing is even more digital-oriented than before. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems can meet both, the changed daily wo...

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5 ways DAM software improves collaboration in marketing teams

5 ways DAM software improves collaboration in marketing teams

Marketers are no lone fighters. Even in smaller companies, the marketing department usually consists of a small team that deals with the wide range of tasks and channels. In addition, freelancers and external agencies support the marketing team. Besides teamwork, creativity and personal skills, the effective use of helpful marketing tools is becomi...

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Why digital asset management is essential for successful omni-channel marketing

Successful Omni-Channel Marketing with DAM Software

Omni-channel marketing is one of the buzzwords of the moment. But what does it actually mean? What is the difference to multi-channel marketing? What are the advantages of an omni-channel marketing strategy for companies? This article provides answers to these questions and shows how the use of digital asset management software can support the omni...

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How to avoid the 5 most annoying problems in advertising and marketing

The 5 most annoying problem in advertising and marketing

It's a familiar problem for many marketing departments: working with external service providers and partners is tedious. In the confusion of systems, file formats and versions, you can quickly lose track of everything and also a lot of time. Agencies, on the other hand, have the same troublesome experience as marketing departments. Not only do they...

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09 October 2018
A corporate group with worldwide marketing needs a central database for its images and media assets. This is no differen...
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25 May 2020
Updated to version 4.3 of the cavok DAM system, you can now use Synology NAS systems as file servers. Advantages of Netw...
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20 April 2021
Due to ongoing digitalisation, the amount of digital data in companies is constantly growing. A digital asset management...
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