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How digital asset management can improve your SEO ranking

How digital asset management can improve your SEO ranking

Have you ever wondered why your competitors' websites are ranking better in Google search results than your own? There are often many factors that Google takes into account to decide which website offers the user added value and is displayed first in the ranking. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has therefore become essential for most companies: A ...

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Cavok Light: Digital Asset Management for smaller Marketing Teams


We are launching a new version of our digital asset management solution. Cavok Light is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized workgroups in marketing, advertising, and public relations. Cavok Light is a low-cost entry-level model that is particularly suitable for smaller teams and can grow with their requirements. Cavok Light is available...

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5 reasons why you need digital asset management in prepress


On behalf of advertising companies, media agencies usually produce large quantities of high-quality images, layouts, advertisements, and other advertising materials within a tight timeframe. Especially in prepress, a digital asset management system can simplify and automate the processes. We show which 5 advantages a DAM system offers you in the pr...

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The best video format for website, social media and Co

The best video format for website, social media and Co

While watching a corporate video, the video format usually doesn't matter. But when it comes to promoting the video content and placing it on various channels (such as your own website, YouTube or Instagram), the file format can be crucial. We provide an overview of different video formats and show which formats are best suited for which purpose. I...

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The basics of digital asset management workflows

Digital Asset Management Workflows

The main task of marketing experts is supposed to be the creation of creative content. But often they lose a lot of time in their daily work with administrative tasks and coordination. Digital asset management software and established workflows help the creative and marketing teams to perform at their best. This article provides an overview of what...

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09 October 2018
A corporate group with worldwide marketing needs a central database for its images and media assets. This is no differen...
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25 May 2020
Updated to version 4.3 of the cavok DAM system, you can now use Synology NAS systems as file servers. Advantages of Netw...
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20 April 2021
Due to ongoing digitalisation, the amount of digital data in companies is constantly growing. A digital asset management...
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