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Search & Find

Simply quicker than before

You may have used an online search engine to find this website. You will have entered one or more terms, run the search and presumably received hundreds of thousands of results. This is not necessarily the best if you just want to find a suitable image. Is it the same when you’re looking for a specific file on your server?

Intelligent searching

With a Digital Asset Management system like cavok, your search for the right file is made easier with good navigation. You can find your data using the sophisticated search function that lets you search for any property or can be shown in an easy-to-use category display.

If you want, you can also find files the way you know how: in directories on your file server.

Adapt metadata according to context

In cavok you can use exactly the metadata you need in your industry and your company. In addition to rigid, traditional metadata standards such as IPTC/XMP, EXIF or ID3, you can create your own metadata, e.g. your article numbers, your keyword lists or your product world.

Depending on what is in one or more metadata fields, other fields can be automatically shown or hidden. In this way you only see the metadata you really need. Whether metadata can be changed is automatically controlled by the unique function of context-dependent metadata in cavok.

Assign metadata automatically

Assign individual metadata not only to files, but also to folders and categories. The metadata is automatically inherited by the files in the folder. This feature is especially handy with images that depict several articles – you have a better overview and save time keywording.

Search for similar images

In contrast, the similarity search works without metadata. Using visual similarities, cavok finds a similar image for you, so as an example, this might be another picture of the same tree or other similar trees. The benefits speak for themselves.

This feature can also be used to find the high-resolution original image in seconds based on a tiny webshop image.

Save images in better structures

If you have a wide range of different products and product variants, you can group your assets. Several images are linked with relations and displayed in cavok as one "stack". This makes the user interface clearer and you can see directly which images belong together.

Effectively save time and money with cavok.

The popular saying ‘time is money’ is no coincidence. Some would go even further to say that time is even more valuable than money. So why spend unnecessary time with annoying file searches?

By using cavok, you’re saving yourself and your colleagues lots of time because they’re able to use it to find the right file quicker. We’ll show you what this means for you.

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