Integration & Automation

Integration & Automation

Customise cavok

Have you still not found the exact function you want for your Digital Asset Management system to automate work steps or communicate with other systems? We’ll find a solution for you, because cavok can be extensively customised to your requirements!

Easier than you think

Other systems can be integrated into cavok, or steps automated, very easily. This applies to the whole interface as well as to workflows, interfaces and feature extensions. Practically any option is available to you that is also available on your server operating system - scripts (Perl, Bash, PHP, Javascript etc.), the integration of libraries or command line tools, other apps, web services and much more.

Unique system architecture

Unique system architecture

cavok’s system architecture is the reason why customised integration can be done so easily: the core of the system is streamlined and quick, customised adjustments are created in your own open source system layer with common script languages.

No problems with updates

Your individual customisation settings are retained through the unique system architecture even if there are updates and release changes that apply to the core system. You don’t have this security with other traditional DAM systems.

What’s also possible:

User administration with Active Directory

Those who work with the Windows Active Directory can now transfer all group memberships of the user administration program directly into cavok. Especially for larger companies with many users who already work with Active Directory, the setup of cavok is made much easier.