Work across different locations

Work together with colleagues, external partners and clients on projects and improve teamwork with cavok. Form flexible teams and reorganise workflows across different locations and companies. A team in our cavok DAM solution doesn’t just consist of users within the company. A team can also include external employees, partner companies and clients - regardless of where they are based.

Capture metadata immediately

Do you want to capture metadata where your images are created? The studio that photographs your products can upload images and add metadata during shooting.

It’s even easier if you record the item number in the studio and let cavok work on adding product information, using a database link, a PIM system or an Excel or CSV file, for example.

Integrate external agencies

Do you want your advertising agency to access the required files via cavok? Images, layouts and films can be checked out for editing and the finished files checked in again as new versions.

Make internal approval easier

Do you need advertising material to be approved by three managers in three different locations? Workflows and multiple approval is easy to set up in cavok.

Keep your partners in the loop

Do you want to send your distributors or clients lots of files? Invite recipients to look at them in cavok and, if you like, to also add change requests or comments. Your partners can access cavok directly in their browsers.

Did you know?
You’ll create less duplicates with cavok!

Which version is the right one? Who saved what where? The search for the right file can cost you a lot of time. File duplicates disrupt the workflow and can also cause errors if the wrong file is chosen.

With cavok, you can get by with the minimum amount of copies. Always work from the ‘master document’, no matter what the file is!


Does a client, distributor or colleague want to review a large, complex image file? They can see the current version in the browser and this is quickly displayed, even including levels.


Do you want to make it possible for others to view videos? Don’t create a lower-resolution version of the video. cavok can read virtually any video format and create a preview that you can play in the browser.


Do you work with InDesign? Your colleagues won’t need InDesign to scroll through their layout and you won’t have to create a PDF for them any more.

Reduce file sharing

With cavok you work directly in your browser, where you can view files, check them in and out, label them with metadata or add notes. Photos or other files can be loaded directly into the correct folder from your smartphone or tablet using the cavok mobile client.

This means that you won’t need big e-mail attachments any more, nor will you need unsecure transfers that use external clouds, for example Wetransfer, Dropbox, FTP etc. cavok sends your data securely, directly and encrypted.