Distribute Data

Distribute Data

Internally and externally

Several people working on one file can often create chaos in daily working life: which colleague has the current version? Where are the latest corrections? Which is the final file that can be sent? cavok solves this problem. Media files can be made easily accessible to both internal and external users.

Instead of sending files as an e-mail attachment or by Dropbox or WeTransfer as before, you work on a ‘master file’ in cavok. Share files with specific colleagues to work on together or securely send the final version to the right partner. Various links are also used based on the ‘master file’.

Media links update automatically

Instead of exporting files from a DAM system and importing them into other systems, cavok simply provides a media link. Changes are made to the master file - avoiding cumbersome updates.

As an example, if someone accesses your website or product page in the online shop, the view is provided by cavok - directly from the master file - in the right size and format. Here, it doesn’t matter if it’s an image, a video, a PDF or an InDesign file.

Collection links prevent duplicates

You can make selected files available to internal and external colleagues using a link to a collection - without creating any duplicates.

Various assets from different directories can be put together into cavok collections. To make working together easier, you even can directly agree upon various points with those involved in the chat available in the collection.

Direct links save time

Instead of calling your colleagues to explain to them which subfolder they can find the file in, simply send them a direct link to the file in cavok. When clicking on the link, the file required and the parent directory is shown straight away.

You no longer have to send colleagues large files as an e-mail attachment or by using a transfer folder on your server.

Download links instead of WeTransfer

You can share files from cavok with download links that are quicker, more direct and more secure than with platforms like WeTransfer, Dropbox or FTP. Whether you send individual files or whole collections, you send a selected person a link to start the download from cavok.

You can set a time limit for the use of download links and request to be notified when the link is used.

Strong brand management with a cavok brand portal

Provide your partners and colleagues with all relevant guidelines and brand assets for your brand in the brand portal: it’s intuitive to use and consistent, so even occasional users will find your brand portal easy to use.

Also possible to use as a press and media portal

You decide which files are offered in which formats and resolutions. When downloading, copyright information and other information can also be automatically downloaded too. If you wish, cavok can also ensure that material can only be used if you are contacted first.

Test the intuitive usage in the press and brand portal of the PEAK-Group.

Brand portal