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The newly redesigned REST API makes the Cavok DAM system even more communicative

Cavok DAM system offers SOAP and REST API

Integrate more easily: The Cavok DAM system's REST API makes it particularly easy to set up connections to web stores, PIM and many other systems. The programming interface includes the entire functionality, is fully documented and comes with an integrated test facility.

Why do you need a REST API in a digital asset management system?

Media assets play a role in numerous workflows: whether in the creation of printed advertising materials, in e-commerce or in communication with customers. Companies use various tools for these tasks - CRM, ERP, PIM or store systems. If these are connected to the Cavok Digital Asset Management System, it can function as a central content hub for all digital assets. Workflows can thus be designed more efficiently.

What is a REST API?

REST APIs (or RESTful APIs) are common programming interfaces in many system environments that support communication between web-based apps. They thus represent an alternative to other interfaces such as SOAP. However, REST is neither a protocol nor a standard, but an architectural style. In most cases, REST uses the HTTP protocol and transfers data using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Many options for DAM integration

With the completely redesigned version of the REST API, the Cavok system can be elegantly connected to other systems. The REST API is fully documented to facilitate the work of corporate IT managers and DAM system integrators. In addition, a test option is built directly into the documentation. In this way, possible errors are discovered directly during setup.

SOAP or REST API? Cavok offers both!

Included with every installation

Cavok's licensing follows the all-inclusive principle: all features of the system included. This also applies to the API, which is available in every Cavok system at no extra charge.
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The Cavok Digital Asset Management System offers both a SOAP API and REST API. Both interfaces have their own strengths and weaknesses. REST stands out for its flexibility, speed, and simple architecture. SOAP, on the other hand, is a standardized protocol that is platform-independent and scalable. Depending on the use case and the company's internal system architecture, both connection options have their justification. For this reason, the Cavok DAM system offers both variants. This gives customers the flexibility to choose which system they want to connect with which interface.

Do you have specific questions about connecting your systems to Cavok DAM? The PEAK-14 team will be happy to help you.

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