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NEW: Edit IPTC and XMP metadata easily


Cavok Digital Asset Management System users can now modify the content of IPTC or XMP metadata fields. The changed information is immediately saved at the file.

What's new in the Cavok Digital Asset Management?

Reading and displaying IPTC and XMP meta information was already possible in the Cavok DAM system. From now on, this information can also be edited within Cavok. This works quite simple: similar to the 'custom metadata' that can be attached to files in Cavok, information can be easily deleted or added. This is how it looks like:

The changed information will be written directly into the file. When a file is downloaded afterwards, it will contain exactly the updated or newly added metadata.

Important: Not every user can change information

The administrator of the system can define which users or user groups are allowed to modify XMP and IPTC fields, and which have no rights to do so. This prevents unauthorized users from mistakenly modifying or deleting important information.

Who benefits from this feature?

Especially publishers, press agencies and picture agencies work with the IPTC/XMP metadata standard. They can now take the information from this metadata in a very convenient way and work directly in Cavok with these metadata fields. For example, if keywords need to be added or usage rights change, this can easily be modified in the IPTC/XMP data. The ability to customize provides users with additional flexibility which is not provided by the IPTC/XMP fields per se.

During a demo appointment, we will show you what other possibilities Cavok offers in dealing with metadata.

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