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cavok DAM software License Model

cavok is an all-in-one package. All the standard functions are included in the smallest license size. There are no hidden costs.

The fee is mainly based on the number of simultaneous users, the number of servers and how you want to purchase cavok. You always decide where your data is stored.

buy cavok


Simply purchase a one-time buying licence. For this, we would recommend our software update contract - our ‘flat rate for updates and upgrades’.

rent cavok


With our subscription model you receive the entire system as well as all updates and upgrades for a fixed monthly price.

Regardless of how you use cavok digital asset management and where you want to save your data: our license model impresses with how easy it is to understand. All features and functions are already included in the smallest of licence sizes*.

cavok 10 cavok 20 cavok 50 cavok 100 cavok Enterprise
Simultaneous users 10 20 50 100 Unlimited
Including clients infos
  • Clients are customers with their own cavok user interface and URL
  • A client can have any number of separate user groups
  • Three clients are included in all cavok licenses
  • Additional expansion of the number of clients is possible
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File system monitoring infos
  • Monitor file system changes in the kernel - no constant ‘crawling’
  • New files transferred to the file system via file transfer are immediately recognised and processed without any extra work steps
  • Live database display with no time delay, even for large amounts of data
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Data transport infos
  • File transfer to file system
  • Browser upload using drag and drop
  • Download from browsers using colour and format conversion as fixed settings or customised settings
  • Download acceleration using zipstream technology
  • Download links start downloads straight away
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Data conversion infos
  • Convert all commonly used and a lot less commonly used image file formats, including PSD and RAW files
  • Convert PDF formats
  • Convert Office files into PDF and image formats
  • Colour space conversion with ICC profiles
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Metadata infos
  • IPTC IIM, IPTC XMP, EXIF, ID3 and lots more as standard
  • Write metadata in asset files or sidecar files
  • Any metadata structure
  • Map any metadata field onto other fields
  • Controlled vocabularies, taxonomy (hierarchical fields) and more
  • Access to controlled vocabularies in other systems
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InDesign connection infos
  • InDesign plugin for Mac and Windows, free of charge
  • Browser to InDesign image placement using drag and drop
  • If required, placement of low-resolution image layout versions, which are later replaced by high-resolution images
  • Preview all pages in an InDesign document
  • Display all images used in an InDesign document with links to images
  • For images, display all InDesign documents in which the image is used, using a link to layouts
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Connect other programmes infos
  • cavokWork is available free of charge for Mac and Windows to automatically check files in and out to edit in any programme
  • Files are only stored on the local workstation as temporary files until they are checked in again
  • No more duplicate data retention on the server and the workstation
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Automation infos
  • Complex, automatic workflows, even with different systems
  • Automatic notifications
  • Links to other systems, e.g. automatic display of products in the web shop using the item number, videos in CMS, etc.
  • Integrate your own scripts (e.g. Perl, Bash, Python, Ruby, Applescript etc.)
  • Integrate command-line controlled tools
  • Create, share and send individual assets or collections
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Security infos
  • Access via https/SSL and/or VPN
  • No direct access to the database through the web server
  • Detailed, robust rights management
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Video processing and streaming infos
  • Convert all commonly used and a lot less commonly used video formats
  • Integrated video streaming for HTML5 browsers
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Interfaces (APIs) infos
  • Completely documented SOAP web service with the functionality of the complete system
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* Excludes connectors that provide ready-to-use interfaces between cavok and systems from other manufacturers and licences for using other servers


With our license calculator you can calculate the costs for your individual cavok configuration.


License calculator

How to get started with cavok

cavok installation


You can run cavok in three different ways: as a local installation at your company, with hosting by a data centre you have commissioned or with hosting by PEAK-14 or one of our integrators.

We don’t use external cloud services for our hosting, because we want to offer you the maximum level of security and guarantee data protection. We only host on our servers using our own data carriers in Germany.

cavok set-up


Setting up cavok is easy. The system is ready to use straight after installation. You can adopt your current data structure on your file server and work with your data without having to make any further changes.

You can be more efficient by setting up automatic workflows and by connecting your other systems, e.g. web shop, CRM, ERP, PIM, CMS. We help you to realise these kinds of projects.

cavok training


Installing and setting up cavok forms the basis for better efficiency. However, the system only reaches its full potential if it’s used by employees in their day-to-day work.

To achieve this, we, or partners selected by us, offer training sessions. This explains the system in detail and includes demonstrations that use practical examples.

After training, our support team is of course also available for you.

cavok maintenance & updates

Maintenance & updates

cavok’s maintenance contract is an annual fixed fee that includes all updates and upgrades. We don’t differentiate between free maintenance updates and fee-based updates with functional expansions.

You are also given an annual service quota, which can be used for support services as well as organisational advice and training.

Do you want to know how much cavok would cost you?

Use our license calculator to see the cost of your individual cavok configuration.


License calculator