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Adobe InDesign plugin for CC23 for Cavok DAM software now available

Adobe InDesign plugin for CC23 for Cavok DAM software now available

Just recently, Adobe released its new InDesign 2023 version (version 18.0). Due to the thoughtful and streamlined architecture of our InDesign plugin, we are able to update and release it in a timely manner: Cavok users can now access the updated Cavok InDesign CC 2023 plugin for Windows and Macintosh.

The plugin not only allows you to drag and drop assets directly from the Cavok user interface from within the browser, but also provides excellent quality previews of all document pages. Important for you to know: Cavok saves the previews separately from the actual InDesign file. The document itself is not changed. In addition, the text contained in the document is indexed and can thus be searched via the Cavok user interface. All links contained in the document are displayed in the Cavok application. This makes it possible, among other things, to identify in which documents an asset has been used.

The new InDesign plugin can be installed at no additional cost and on any number of workstations. All you need to do is access and install the plugin via the download tools in the user area of the Cavok user interface.

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