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4 good reasons for a Digital Asset Management on-premise

Digital Asset Management on premise

Cloud vs. on-premise - When choosing the right digital asset management system, you are inevitably faced with the question where to store the important company data. Do you choose an on-premise solution and store everything on your own servers or do you prefer a cloud provider who, for example, takes care of server maintenance? In this article we w...

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Is digital asset management in the cloud secure?

Is digital asset management in the cloud secure

Choosing the right digital asset management software, companies are faced with the decision of whether to operate the system on their own servers (on-premise) or as software-as-a-service (SaaS). In the latter case, the DAM provider hosts the data itself or outsources this to a cloud service provider. Especially for companies in regulated industries...

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Digital Asset Management without cloud storage? Yes of course!

Digital Asset Management without cloud storage

The trend on the software market goes to cloud storage. Some DAM vendors have already announced that they will no longer offer their on-premise solution. For example, Canto's on-premise solution Cumulus will not be further developed and distributed as of September 1. Support for Cumulus Enterprise is also scheduled to end on December 31, 2023. Many companies are now faced with the decision: move to the cloud or switch to another DAM system?

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