CAVOK - Digital Asset Management

cavok - Digital Asset Management

Create a basis for your digital media strategy

Start now for more efficiency

How do you manage your images, presentations, videos and layouts? How do you work with internal and external colleagues, clients and partners? However you’ve been working in the past, cavok is much more efficient, faster and easier.



All your media files under control, even across different locations.



Save time & money with individual workflows for employees and partners.



Simplify and automate through integration with your other systems.



Keep an eye on licences and copyrights and have them under control.

It doesn’t always have to be complicated

Features that make day-to-day work easier

Take a look at our highlights. Here you will find a compact overview of the unique features of our digital asset management solution cavok.

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In cavok, you search in a way that actually makes your job easier. You don’t just search for file names and standard metadata, but for processing status, item number, sections of text in Office or InDesign files, image similarity and much more.

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Search & Find

Rights management in cavok can be uniquely customised. It is not only possible to precisely determine which user can view a file in which situation - it’s possible to determine which features they recognise and what they can do with it in detail, depending on the situation.

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Security & Rights

With its SOAP web service, cavok provides a universal interface to seamlessly connect content management and PIM systems, your ERP system and your web shop. Create new, leaner processes across the company. Instead of manually converting and sending files, you can work together in cavok.

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Integration & Automation

Work together with colleagues, external partners and clients on projects. Form flexible teams and reorganise workflows across different locations and companies.

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Files no longer have to be sent as an email attachment or by Dropbox or Wetransfer. Simply use links. As an example, an original image can be integrated into the web shop or on the website using a media link, so it’s always up-to-date and always the right size. And no duplicates have to be created for this.

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Distribute Data

Simplify your copyright management even if - and especially if - licensing terms are complex. See which image is used in InDesign files directly in cavok, or set up a search that tells you which images have rights of use that are expiring soon.

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Copyright Management

For ‘on premises’ installation, i.e. on your servers, your files are not hidden away in a ‘black box’, but stay where they belong: securely on your file server. Files don’t have to be arduously imported or updated, because cavok automatically recognises your files on your server.

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Your Data On Your Server

The foundation for digitalising your processes

cavok API

Use cavok as a central port of call for data for other applications you already use in your company - regardless of which department this is in. Integrating other applications has never been so easy thanks to the unique system architecture.

About integration

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