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Cavok Digital Asset Management

Organize and distribute your digital media assets quickly and easily. Make collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners even more efficient.

DAM without Cloud

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Keep track of your digital assets



Securely access your media assets anywhere, anytime.



Save time and money with new efficient workflows.



Integrate Cavok in other systems to automate work steps.



Manage licenses and copyright easily and clearly.


Anyone can handle DAM

cavok on every device
Simple to operate

The well-structured UI shows users only the content and functions they really need.
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Simple licensing model

No hidden additional costs, whether you buy or rent the Cavok DAM platform.
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Simply on the road

You can access all creative assets even with a smartphone or tablet.
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Simply secure

Store your digital assets on the server solution of your choice.
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Simple system architecture

Connect other systems such as CMS, PIM, ERP, Webshop etc. to your Cavok DAM.
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Simple data storage

Your assets stay exactly where they belong: on your enterprise file server.
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Features that make your daily work easier

Take a look at our highlights. Here we give you a compact overview of the unique functions of our digital asset management platform Cavok.

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In Cavok DAM you search for assets in a way that really makes your work easier: not only by file name and standard metadata, but also by individual metadata such as processing status, article number, text passages in Office or Adobe InDesign files, similarity in images and much more.

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Search & Find

The management of rights in Cavok is uniquely adaptable. Not only can it be precisely defined which users have access to which assets in which situation, but it is even possible to define in detail, depending on the situation, which properties are recognized and what they are allowed to do with them.

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Security & Rights

With its SOAP web service, Cavok DAM offers a universal interface to seamlessly connect content management and PIM systems, your ERP system and your web shop. Redesign processes across the organization and make them leaner. Instead of manually converting and sending files, you work together in Cavok.

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Integration & Automation

Collaborate on projects with colleagues, external partners and customers. Manage flexible teams and reorganize your workflows across locations and companies.

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You no longer need to send assets as mail attachments or via dropbox or we transfer. Simply use links. For example, an original image can be integrated via a media link in the web shop or on the website, so it is always up-to-date and in the right size. And no duplicate is created.

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Distribute Data

Simplify your copyright management even if - and especially if - licensing terms are complex. See which image is used in InDesign files directly in Cavok, or set up a search that tells you which images have rights of use that are expiring soon.

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Copyright Management

With an installation "on premise", i.e. on your servers, your assets are not kidnapped into a "black box", but remain where they belong: securely on your file server. Assets do not need to be imported or updated laboriously, because Cavok DAM automatically recognizes your assets on your server.

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Your data on your server

Always up-to-date
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