Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

What is DAM?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) refers to the storage and management of various digital assets. A DAM system can be used to better organise media files such as graphics, videos, music or text files, to store these centrally and to make them accessible.

With cavok, a DAM solution is more than just an image database for companies - or even an archive. Our definition of Digital Asset Management goes one step further. With cavok, Digital Asset Management is THE central solution for all media assets in your company.

Digital Asset Management of a new generation

We don’t see cavok as a classic DAM system, but rather as a collaboration platform. Improve your workflow in your company with our Digital Asset Management software and use cavok as a central exchange for all digital assets. It’s not just one department that uses and benefits from the DAM solution; the whole company and even partners and external agencies can work together using cavok. Connect other systems to cavok, like your PIM, ERP or CMS, and make cavok to a hub for all your media files.

3 central uses



All data is stored in the Digital Asset Management system cavok and enriched with metadata. With our DAM solution, you keep data ownership in-house. All files can be conveniently organized and managed from here.



To edit media files, you can easily open them directly from the DAM system cavok with the appropriate program, make the changes to the file and save again (check in and out).



Files can be shared with colleagues or partners using different link options or can automatically uploaded to your web shop, CMS or brand portal. As you always work from the ‘master document’, duplicates are avoided.


What is metadata?

Metadata provides information about a media file and the content of that file. By using metadata, you can break away from classic hierarchical folder directories and find the files you are looking for much faster. At cavok, we use classic metadata standards like IPTC, XMP and EXIF, but we can also add metadata fields that are customised for your company.

Why cavok?

Compared to other digital asset management providers, cavok stands out with its unique architecture. This not only allows easy connectivity to other systems, but also meets all the modern requirements of a DAM system. As an example, all components of our digital asset management system can be virtualised. cavok uses industry standards (mySQL, Apache, SOAP web services) and standard data centre hardware. We have summarised more reasons to choose cavok for you in our ‘Highlights’.

cavok structure

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