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Professional media management now available on QNAP NAS servers


  With version 4.7 of the Cavok Digital Asset Management System, you can now use QNAP NAS systems as file servers.

The advantages of Network Attached Storage

QNAP, alongside other leading providers such asSynology, is among the forefront of NAS (Network Attached Storage) device manufacturers. NAS provides storage space that is not tied to a specific PC or client but is available over a network. NAS systems are renowned for their easy setup and management, making it particularly effortless for small and medium-sized enterprises to create storage capacities that remain fully under their control. By connecting to the company network, all employees have access to the documents and directories stored there. Additionally, rights management enables control over who can access which folders. Furthermore, NAS systems offer the advantage of low power consumption and provide higher data security compared to external cloud services.

The challenge of mastering file chaos

While NAS offers many advantages, it often brings along challenges, especially when multiple users access the NAS system. When different users' organizational systems collide, data chaos is often inevitable. The more files are stored, the greater the likelihood that files needed will not be found or that the search will bevery time-consuming. This is particularly true for creative media files such as images, videos, or layout and print files, which consume a lot of storage space and often exist in various versions, making it easy to lose track.

Taming digital disorder: Leveraging a Digital Asset Management System

A Digital Asset Management system like Cavok assists you in easily managing your digital assets. This enables you to establish not only a professional image management or database for your pictures but also a professional media management system for all digital media files. Within the DAM system, files can be annotated withmetadata, and with the aid of this supplementary information and intelligent search functions, users can depart from the traditional hierarchical folder structure, thereby locating files much more rapidly. With the update to Cavok version 4.7, QNAP NAS systems are now also supported as file servers. Integrating Cavok into an existing QNAP NAS system is straightforward and uncomplicated, without the need to alter existing structures. For those who have not yet deployed a NAS system, this collaboration offers a cost-effective and secure alternative to implementing a professional DAM system compared to operating it on a dedicated large server or with a cloud provider that may not comply with all German data protection standards. QNAP NAS systems additionally offer the advantage of scalability, allowing them to grow alongside your business. We are happy to demonstrate how Cavok DAM can help you professionally organize your media management and bring order to your data chaos. 

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