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The Future of Image Intelligence

the future of image intelligence with pixolution

Cavok now with the leading image analysis technology

PEAK-14 uses the pixolution technology within the cavok DAM system to provide users with a very helpful duplicate and image similarity search. In marketing and advertising, versions and variants of files are often created in the course of work processes. Extensive image data stocks become manageable through these new possibilities. Finding all forms of use simplifies the handling of copyrighted files. In the future PEAK-14 will make the pixolution technology usable for further exciting application areas.

Thanks to pixolution, cavok is also right at the forefront

Pixolution is a Berlin-based company that develops image search technology based on machine learning processes. The technology is designed for professional applications in the corporate environment and is used worldwide in web-based platforms and software products.

pixolution serves target markets along the value chain of images and currently mainly has customers in the StockPhoto and Digital Asset Management markets. The image search technology of pixolution improves the management of visual media and supports creative workflows and findability of image data without having to rely on metadata.

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