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PEAK-14 with cavok at the Energy Net Publishing Day

PEAK-14 at the Energy Net Publishing Day

More than 35 visitors saw an interesting compilation of publishing solutions at the Energy Net Publishing Day in Frankfurt.

The cavok DAM system was well received by the audience, particularly its easy integration and simple operation. A direct integration with a content management system and an online shop were showcased. Instead of exporting files from the DAM and importing them into the CMS and webshop the files stay in the cavok DAM system and are linked into other systems. This saves unneccessary work and eliminates potential sources of error. Along with full text search and videostreaming cavok becomes a „Master Media Management System". PEAK-14 created this term to illustrate the concept of supplying all systems in a corporate network directly using the cavok DAM system.

Another highlight was the K4 data import. The cavok DAM system can now import complete editions from the vjoon K4 Publishing System. All links between layouts, stories (Incopy icml files), graphics are transferred, including all metadata. The complete structure of a publication is maintained, allowing to track which elements were used. This can be very useful for a royalty statement.

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