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Cavok WebDAV connection for easy working from home

WebDAV connection to Cavok Digital Asset Management

Using the WebDAV integration with the cavok Digital Asset Management System, mobile working becomes even more convenient. The WebDAV connection enables direct and secure access to your files via the company drive - without having to set up a VPN tunnel.

WebDAV integration as a VPN alternative

What is WebDAV?

WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a network protocol that enables the delivery of files over the Internet. It is based on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http), which is responsible for displaying web pages. WebDAV is an open standard supported by Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and other systems.

Users of the cavok DAM system can access the files in the DAM via the cavok web interface as well as via the classic folder directory of the computer. The content from the DAM system is then also available on the user's own computer. Although the data still remains at the DAM system location, it can be viewed, opened and edited via the network drive.

Access to the files via the folder directory, previously only worked as long as there was a connection to the company drive. For server access (e.g. remotely from home), a VPN connection was required. By connecting WebDAV to cavok, a VPN connection is no longer required to access files regardless the location. A simple Internet connection is sufficient. In addition, WebDAV is particularly easy to set up and user rights in the cavok DAM system can be linked to WebDAV rights.

How does it work?

After our team has set up the WebDAV integration for your system, users just need to connect the WebDAV drive to the local computer. This requires adding the network address (URL of the server + directory path) and entering the user's cavok login details.

Set up WebDAV connection on Mac OS:

  1. Open Mac Finder
  2. Select "Go" and click "Connect to Server"
  3. Enter network address
  4. Enter log-in data and confirm

Set up WebDAV connection on Windows:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Right-click "This PC" and select the option "Add a network location"
  3. Enter the network address
  4. Enter log-in data and confirm

What else is possible?

The WebDAV connection can be set up only for individual folders, if not all files should be accessible regardless of location. Furthermore files can be set up to be read-only. For working with InDesign, LowRes files are then dragged from cavok into the document. Back in the company network, these are then automatically replaced by the original files from the DAM system.

Would you also like to use the WebDAV connection? Contact us, we will take care of the setup.

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