Media Production

Media Production

Create, edit & manage media

When producing media or advertising material, the efficiency of the people working together determines the cost, response time and error rate. Whether it’s creating a layout, an infographic or advertising text, whether an image needs to be edited or a video cut - a media file usually goes through several correction loops before it is approved for publication. A Digital Asset Management system like cavok supports companies in shortening the correction loop and improving the workflow.

Media production without cavok

Media production without cavok

Media production with cavok

Media production with cavok

From the initial idea to correction loops to the final file - cavok guides you through the whole process. As you work from the ‘master file’, corrections can be noted and processed directly in cavok. This avoids endless versions being created and them being sent round and round in e-mails. Share the master file with colleagues, superiors or external partners using various links. You can convert the master file into the right format by downloading it. Of course, cavok supports all file formats - both classic ones like PDF, INDD and TIF, as well as more specialist formats like HEIC.


Factors that count

Factor time saving

Enormous time saving due to shorter correction cycles

Factor data up-to-date

All data is live and up-to-date

Factor data usage

Easy data use for internal and external users

Factor cost savings

Cost savings through automation

Factor media integration

Integration of MS Office, PDF, Adobe Creative Cloud etc.

Factor system integration

Integration of web shops, CMS, PIM and more

InDesign and cavok - a great team

We provide cavok with a free InDesign plugin for Mac and Windows, which you can install on any number of workstations at no extra cost. Using it is no mystery - in fact, it’s child’s play:

1. Drag and drop images straight from the cavok browser into the InDesign page.

2. Save your InDesign documents in cavok. Like images or graphics, you can store and manage your layouts in cavok, add metadata, share with colleagues and, of course, organise approval and correction cycles.

3. You or colleagues who haven’t installed InDesign on their computer can scroll through the InDesign pages in cavok - i.e. using a normal web browser - and search within the full text versions of all documents.

4. All images placed in InDesign documents are shown as links. Clicking on one of the images directs you to an image where you can in turn see what layouts it is used in. You can very easily find out where images are used and, if applicable, if they have to be updated or replaced.

5. If your graphic designer works outside the company network and places images on InDesign pages using drag and drop, you can change cavok’s settings so that lower-resolution versions of the images are transferred, which can be transmitted quicker if the internet connection is bad. As soon as your graphic designer uploads the InDesign document, you can use the plugin to quickly replace all low-resolution images with high-resolution images.

We score points with experience

Lots of media service providers are already using cavok. Every day, countless amounts of data from large advertising companies are produced here.

Some of our team members also come from the printing sector and the media industry, which helps them better understand your requirements. We would be happy to use our experience to support you with your media production.