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In cavok, you can organize work with internal and external colleagues very efficiently. A popular function for that is the collections whose features go far beyond the usual. Send download links simply from the system instead of attaching files to emails or having to entrust your data to external services such as Dropbox or Wetransfer. Send an upload link to a photographer who needs to send you photos – a click opens a website in which he only needs to drag and drop the photo files.

You can put together any type of file to make a collection without creating duplicates. You can use the collection together with internal and external users. You can store tasks for the collection, chat with other users of the collection and send chat histories from the chat window by email. You can also create contact sheets and print them or send them by email as a PDF – the PDFs can even contain links: A click on the preview of an image, for example, downloads the original, a click on a video preview plays the video.