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Economic Efficiency

Where would you like to have your system installed?

You can install cavok on your own servers in your network or have it hosted through us or one of our partners in a high-security data center. It is also possible to switch from one model to another.

Transparency instead of hidden costs – our licensing model

You probably know this from buying a car: you get little with the base price, the interesting extras are expensive and in the end the amount below the line makes you goggle. We also find complex price schemes irritating. That is why we make it as easy as possible for you and us:

  1. We offer cavok in four license grades. The only difference is the number of concurrent users: 5, 20, 50 or an unlimited amount of concurrent users.

  2. All functions are available in all cavok license grades.

  3. All updates and upgrades are contained in our maintenance contract (Software Update Contract).

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cavok Lizenzmodell Mobil EN

Installation, set-up, training

Setting up cavok is easy. The system is ready for use as soon as it is installed. You can take over your existing data structure on your file server without any further changes and work with your data.

You achieve greater efficiency by setting up automatic workflows and connecting to your other systems, e.g. online shop, CRM, ERP, PIM or CMS.   

Maintenance contract

Our maintenance contract contains all updates. We do not differentiate between free maintenance updates and updates with a function extension (upgrade) that are subject to a fee. All updates are included in the maintenance contract.