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From an ‘island’ solution to a central solution for all media.

No DAM is an island – or to put it more precisely: No DAM should be an island, yet most are and cannot deny their origin from way back as a primitive "image database".

The use of a DAM system depends on whether it will be THE central solution for all media assets or just used only in one department by a few employees while the others stick with their own stand-alone solutions. This is the point where conventional DAM solution projects frequently break down. They are put on the back burner often because of problems in communicating with other systems where someone in a department starts and comes up with a vague plan to extend the horizon of the system after the first project. Experience shows that this almost never happens, and the use of a DAM remains limited.

This is the point where we do things differently with cavok: We designed cavok in such a way that it can be used company-wide and can be connected to almost any solution in your company and your company’s environment. With the cavok system, you leave the category of digital asset management systems behind. We are talking about "master media management". The usefulness of this system is that it is not an ‘island’ solution with few bridges to the outside world, but a central solution for all media, and for all systems connected.

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The consequences

When you integrate cavok as a DAM system in your company and make it the hub for all media files that has a significant impact:

  1. Your responsiveness increases. Look at your usual procedures up to now for the launching of a new product, particularly with regard to the time spent and the errors that pop up.

  2. Your costs drop. Putting a stop to redundant data entry and the cross-departmental, easy-to-establish workflows pay off quickly. The calculation gets even better when you include external service providers.

  3. Your data remains secret. The internet and the competition never forget. You can prepare for future products and activities in peace with cavok, without the fear justified today that someone is looking over your shoulder.

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