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Even if you have outsourced media production or the production of advertising materials to an agency, graphic design or video studio or to a media services provider, the teamwork efficiency is determined by cost, responsiveness and error rate. Optimizing processes in media production is still mostly an untapped opportunity with a very good return on investment.

For workflows requiring the attention and discipline of employees, there is always the danger that these are torpedoed due to sick leave, vacations or heavy workloads. With cavok, you have the possibility of scheduling, controlling and monitoring your processes.

In media production teamwork, there are always corrections to be made, usually more of them and more time-consuming than expected. To reduce the time needed by all those involved for that, cavok has a way to make this process shorter and clearer.

With cavok, you find files not only through the file or folder name in which it is found, but based on any metadata or text content of PDFs, Office and InDesign files. The search functions in cavok are easy to operate as you may know from web search engines, but more precisely controllable and allowing complex searches even for details.

In cavok, there are many possibilities for automating even complex sequences of work steps across departmental and company borders. That not only saves time, but helps in performing processes with precision time and again and without error, connecting with other systems, informing internal and external users and much more.

Our InDesign plugin is included at no extra charge for any number of workstations: place your images easily in your layouts using drag-and-drop, save your InDesign layouts in cavok and keep track of which photos and graphics you have used in your document and conversely, which images have been used in which of your brochures and other advertising materials.

Short, straightforward, better organized and monitored processes – you can have all that which you have read about here if you are using cavok as a media service provider. You can set up the system in such a way that each of your regular customers has his own access and sees only his own data, making it easier for him to manage his many media files.

 If you have read the preceding paragraphs, then you have probably figured it out: With cavok, you save time and money. Processes are automated, communication is simplified, and the number of work steps and possibility of error is reduced. If you are interested in the efficiency of cavok, you will soon see that we operate in this discipline the same way as with our system: easily and transparently. Read more about that here. -> Solutions/Economic Efficiency

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