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Master Media Management

With cavok, you organize and produce more quickly, securely and with fewer sources of error. That gives you more leeway to act more quickly to the changing market.


Today’s standard teamwork between the two departments and with externals is, in comparison to working with cavok, laborious and contains many sources of error. Normally, folders and files are manually used and sent, with a number of disadvantages.

An overview of all assets

By integrating cavok in a company, we can also receive data from other systems: Product information management systems (PIM), online shops, the CMS and more can be directly linked to automatically take over information about product characteristics, for example.

Conversely, with cavok, you can automatically supply images to the online shop, the CMS, etc., allowing you to cut down on the usually copious amounts of existing duplicates and always have clean, up-to-date data.

With cavok, you have an outstanding tool for preventing copyright problems. In cavok, you can easily monitor for which time period and purpose photo material, for instance, is licensed and ensure that photos are not inadvertently used for which a photo agency then subsequently charges high license fees.

Finding media assets is often a task for a few employees with the relevant knowledge, for often it is only a few who understand the usually complex folder structure that for the most part contains numerous duplicates.

With cavok, you can quickly find all media files across departments – it is easier than using Google. You will also discover files that would otherwise be produced twice.

Data transfer

The transfer of often wieldy media files within a company and to customers leaves lots of room for improvement. Work is mostly done using email attachments, "drop folders" on a server, external hard drives and USB sticks. With externals, FTP or file hosters such as Dropbox are often used. None of these methods is efficient and secure. With cavok, you manage and control all data transfers. Even huge files are no problem.

Learn more here: Things to know/Data transfer

Creating variants

Which variants do you need? You need different resolutions, sizes, color spaces and file formats for other systems. With cavok, you can automatically create and forward these variants, e.g. by delivering to your printers the appropriate CMYK color profile for files already converted to the sizes required. You have it even easier if you need images in another system, for instance in the online shop. With cavok, it is possible to use links instead of files – the online shop shows an image stored in cavok rather than an image in the online shop. If the image in cavok is retouched, approved and released, you do not need to export it again and import it in the shop, it is already updated in the shop. And that functions not only with images, but also with PDFs or videos, for example.

Integrated color management

Colors are no longer a problem with cavok, the manual effort in color conversion is reduced to zero since cavok handles all common conversion methods.

Video converting and streaming

In cavok, you can upload almost any video format and convert it to other video formats to offer downloading in various resolutions, for example. In cavok, real-time video streaming is integrated; to play a video all that is needed is a common, modern web browser – no plugins.


The cavok system also primarily serves to organize the tasks of working groups across department and company borders. You can put together collections very easily and make them available to colleagues both in-house and externally, and if you like, also with graphic instructions in different assets. Chat is even available for collections used jointly. Very successful, too, are the different types of links that you can create in cavok, e.g. a direct download link (a click on the link immediately starts a download), a direct link (a click on the link shows the assets in cavok) or a media link (a click on the link plays a film). Also popular are contact sheets as a PDF, in which previews of assets can each be combined with such types of links. The result: The recipient of the contact sheet opens the PDF, clicks on an image – and a browser window opens and plays a film. The possibilities are many.

The CI portal

With cavok, you can easily set up an area in which internal and external partners get everything they need to fulfill their tasks in keeping with CI: Brochures, logos, graphics, photos, presentations, design guidelines. To go a step further, you can connect a web-to-print system with which the partner can likewise carry out production jobs in keeping with CI – from business cards to personalized flyers.        

A well-integrated DAM system houses a lot of data and files that you certainly do not want unauthorized persons to access. Surprisingly, however, this data is generally handled in a remarkably reckless way. In particular, the hosting of a system on insecure platforms and data transfer that is not secure open the doors to fraudulent use and industrial espionage. We protect your data.

Learn more here. Things to know/Security

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