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We developed cavok in such a way that you can easily integrate it in a common IT infrastructure, scale it to any size and operate it reliably with high availability. We placed particular value on you being able to easily connect other systems to cavok and extend it with other scripts, for example. The core of cavok is and remains lean and updatable.

An enterprise DAM system is there to be deeply integrated in a company – and cavok is currently the best system available for integration. The core is (and remains) lean and can be easily expanded.


  • For cavok, you use common server components that you can easily scale and reliably operate.

  • Apache web server: The most popular web server ever – half of all active websites in the world run based on Apache. For cavok, you can use Apache in a simple installation or a high-availability cluster.

  • SOAP server: With cavok, the Apache web server is also not directly connected to the database for security reasons, but via a SOAP server. We use the W3C standard SOAP for all connections: for the cavok user interface as well as for interfaces to other systems. You can use all cavok functions via SOAP, all SOAP commands are precisely documented. We and our partners carry out many integrations on this basis: connecting CMS and editorial systems, online shops, ERP and PIM systems and many others.

  • MySQL database: By default, cavok uses MySQL, the most widespread open-source database management system in the world. Here, too, you have a choice of possibilities according to the purpose of use – cavok supports both the free community version that is under General Public License (GPL) and the commercial variants MySQL Standard, Enterprise, etc. You can also operate cavok with MySQL Fork MariaDB.

  • Virtualisation: You can virtualize cavok with VMWare and other platforms. Many of our customers use virtual servers (VMWare and Hyper-V).

  • Scripting and use of external librairies: Perl, Bash, Python, Ruby, Applescript – the choice is yours. If you have a scripting language on your server-operating system, you can use it to extend the functionality of cavok such as creating complex workflows, using or processing other file formats, communicating with third-party systems and much more.


Browser with HTML5

As client, cavok only needs a HTML5-capable web browser – no plugins, no Flash, no Java. Up to version 3.4, administration took place through our own application, meanwhile, the administration tool is through the web browser.

For the checking in or out of assets from the cavok DAM, we provide the program cavokWORK for Mac and Windows that you can easily install on workstations using your normal software deployment. You can deploy it freely since it is not licensed separately.

Likewise, a plugin for Adobe InDesign is delivered, which you can also deploy as usual (or install manually).    

The effort to secure a network these days is enormous. And it is even more annoying when data is handled carelessly. With cavok, you gain more security by safeguarding the paths between internal departments and external employees or suppliers: Instead of using a data transfer portal such as Dropbox or FTP, you can have data selectively delivered or received through cavok.

You can operate cavok in several ways:

  • Installation on-site in your company

  • Hosting through a data center appointed by you

  • Hosting through PEAK-14 or through one of our integrators

In our hosting, we use no external cloud services since we want to provide you with maximum security and guarantee data protection. We host only on our servers with our own data storage devices in Germany.     

The cavok licensing model is so simple and the price list is very short: the licenses are based essentially on the number of concurrent users. All features are already included, even in the smallest license grade. In addition to that, you can just license more servers, testing and staging systems, etc.    

Our maintenance contract includes all updates. We do not differentiate between free maintenance updates and updates with a function extension (upgrade) that are subject to a fee. All updates are included in the maintenance contract.  

Change management

There is no way to get around project management and a substantial part of that is sound change management. We and our partners are working on that with a lean version, with not much overhead, no bureaucracy, yet effective and very "agile".    

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